Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 10

Day 10.  WORST DAY EVER!!  I learned a huge lesson today.  Don’t eat JimmyJohn’s an hour and a half before Cardio Circuit. . . . not a good night.  I barely got through the workout.  I felt so sick the entire time and had to fight back the urge to puke for an hour after it was over.  Worst of all I felt like I wasted a workout since it was so half ass!  Lesson learned….never again. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 9

Day 9.  Pure Cardio:  Kicked My ASS!! I had to take a lot of breaks during Day 9 and I was a hot mess when it was all over but at the same time I was full of energy!! I feel great today (morning after my workout)! I’m a little sore but good sore and not overly noticeable!  

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 8

Day 8.  Hot Mamma.  After taking 2 days off (oops) Day 8’s workout was a hot one.  I’m finding more energy to finish the workouts but I’m still not there.  I still have to take brakes and a few of the exercises make me dizzy.  I’m trying to make healthy choices in my eating but need to do a little better than I have.  No only are the exercises getting easier, but the pain is gone.  A few days during week one it was hard to start moving after sitting for a bit but that’s completely gone.  In addition to my Insanity workout yesterday I ran a half a mile in preparation for my 5k this Saturday and I also biked 2 miles.   

Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 6 and 7 :(

Day 6 and 7.  With it being the Easter weekend our traveling didn’t allow me to do my workout.  Let me rephrase that.  I should have fought harder to make time but I only get to spend limited time with my family and doing Plyo in a room with 5 puppies and all my fam wasn’t my idea of a good time.  I will make up for this missed workout!  Still trying to make healthy choices for meals but now dieting as again, I don’t believe in dieting.  As Bethenny Frankel says “You can have it all, just not all at once”. 

Day 5

Day 5.  Pure Cardio. . . They weren’t joking.  It didn’t take long in this workout for my heart rate to be up.  I was hot and sweaty but in a good way.  I still can’t get through the whole workout without taking breaks but I didn’t expect it to be easy!  Breaking when needed and lots of water!! Feeling good!

Day 3 and Day 4

Day 3 and Day 4.  Day 3 was ruff.  I was stiff from days 1 and 2 so I defiantly had to push through the pain on Day 3 but I felt like I got a great workout in the end.  I was feeling the burn! Day 4, not a fan.  I’m not liking the Cardio Recovery day because I’m not a big fan of Yoga…but with that said I’m dedicated to the workout and I’ll do what it takes to complete the 63 days. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Insanity Day 2 Review

Day 2.  I could tell from my workout on Day 1 that I am clearly out of shape.  Last night I did the workout for Day 2 and my muscles were already a little tender from my fit test.  I feel like there are certain parts on Plyometric Cardio Circuit where I didn’t push myself as hard as I could.  Although, with that said, me spending half the workout passed our or throwing up would have been worse that taking some needed brakes.  Day 2 was of course insane but once the 45 workout was over it felt well worth it.  I was a sweaty mess when it was all done but that just means my fat is crying, right?  I can’t wait to see what Day 3 has to offer.  This first week will be the hardest.  It’s easy to keep yourself motivated for a week it’s the next week and the week after that and so on that it becomes a problem.  Did you know that it takes like 28 days to create or break a habit.  That means it will take me the entire first month to create this habit, which hopefully means that Month 2 will be a breeze.  Something tells me that wont be the case.  I’m hoping to see some results by Day 27:  1st Bachelorette party of the year.  Something tells me I should have started a little sooner.  Actually this was part of the final straw that set this whole thing in motion.  Nothing makes you feel as crappy as trying on countless dresses for a night out and looking awful in every one of them.  WELL aside from taking half naked pictures of yourself for your Insanity before shots.  While I strongly encourage you to do this, I do so with warning.  Nothing prepared me for the before pictures I had my boyfriend snap of me in our apartment.  It was enough to send me into tears looking at them.  As much as I hope that the camera adds 10 pounds the proof of my weight problem was staring right back at me in the preview screen of my camera.    While the photos were a little discouraging they have burned an image in my head of how I don’t want to look.  It’s not about being supermodel thin by any means, but it is about me being comfortable in my own skin which isn’t somewhere I have been in a long time.  I’m 5’5” and 183 lbs.  I’m told I hide my weight well but I’m certain that’s just what people say to make me feel better.  I spent too long not taking responsibility for my unhappiness and coming up with every excuse as to why I didn’t have time to workout.  It was true that I had or have little free time.  I was working three jobs equaling about 60-70 hours a week and now I’m working two jobs totaling about 45-50 hours a week.  But even so, a insanity workout lasts about 45 min.  If I don’t “have time” to dedicate myself to a program then I’m only doing myself harm.  Here’s to the next 61 days!