Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Beginning My Journey

Hi There!  Like many women out there I’m no longer a teen and my so called skinny days are over.  I’ve tried moderate exercise, countless diets and skipping meals.  Nothing that I have tried thus far has either stuck or yielded any results that were desirable.  My other methods left me irritable, emotional drained and with a much worse body image that I started with.  I’m typically not into the whole DVD workout scene but with four weddings this year and hopefully my own next year I figure why not.  Worse case scenario I’m a step closer to a healthier me.  I’m not sure what to expect from insanity because when you look for results online they vary.  There are some many factors that come into play that it really just depends on me.  How hard I push myself, how I eat, what I do outside the workout:  all of this defines my end results.  So I start now my on my journey to a happy me and I’m confident that this time will be the time that I succeed.  I haven’t given myself any other option!  Stay tuned and I’ll keep you updated on my progress!!

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